How to access GHL Devices with GHL Connect App

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GHL devices with WiFi such as ProfiLux Controllers, GHL Dosers 2 or Pendant Luminaire Mitras LX7 provide multiple connectivity options. This guide will show you how to quickly connect to your respective device via the GHL Connect App.

In order to get access to your device it is necessary to integrate your device in your home network.

This can be done in 2 different ways:

  • Either use the PC-software GHL Control Center to connect the device directly via USB and adjust the network settings there.
  • Or use GHL Connect: firstly connect to your device via hotspot, then in a second step you can add the device to your home network.

This article explains the second option.

Initial Setup

Download the GHL Connect app on your smartphone or tablet. The app is available for download in the Play Store or App Store.

Simply follow the instructions of the wizard.

During the process you’ll be asked if you also want to register for the myGHL® cloud service. You can do that now or come back to it later in the settings menu.

Initial setup

Add your device to GHL Connect

Add Device

After the initial setup is finished you can add your device to the app.

Press Add device.

Select your GHL Device

Select the GHL device you want to connect to.

Give that connection a name and save your settings.

If you want the app to always connect to this device upon startup set this device as the default.

Power ON device.

If you are connecting a Mitras LX 7 for example and plan to use multiple fixtures, where one is the master and others are slaves, you only need to power ON the fixture which will be used as the MASTER LX7 at this time.

Access your device via Hotspot

Go to the settings section of your cell phone or tablet and search for nearby Wi-Fi networks.

Select GHLDEV-XXX (XXX is a placeholder for a device-specific code), enter password Starfish (Starfish is the default password).

GHLDEV-XXX network should show within a few seconds of powering ON the device. If not, power cycle it, wait 15-30 seconds and try again.
My Devices

Go back to GHL Connect.

Click on the arrow to connect to the device

Dashboard GHL Connect

After the connection is sucessfully established through the hotspot the dashboard is displayed.

Add your GHL Device to your home network

Choose Network

Press the hamburger menu at the dashboard of GHL Connect and select network.

Activate Client

In the network settings activate client and edit the credentials.

Klick the arrow behind Client ->

Network settings

And enter here all necessary information to connect to your home network, like SSID and key, confirm settings by clicking Apply.

Write your IP you’ve entered for your GHL device down. You’ll need it later to update the connection data of your device.

We highly recommend to use a static IP instead of an automatic IP. If you use a static IP you can be sure that your device will have always the same IP and that GHL Connect can always find the device over this IP. In case of an automatic IP it is possible that the IP is changed from time to time and GHL Connect can’t connect.

Of course it must be ensured that the chosen static IP has not been already assigned to another device in your network and that this IP is out of the range of automatic IPs (DHCP-server) of your router.

Save network settings

Save your settings.

Save network settings

Confirm with YES.

Update your connection data

To access your device through your home network, you need to update the connection information for your device.

Press the gear button

Press the gear button.

Enter IP

Enter the your devices’ network IP (the one you’ve entered in the Client settings) and press SAVE.

You’re all set and can start setting your device via the app now.

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