Which pumps can be controlled by ProfiLux?

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ProfiLux can control (current) pumps in a variety of ways; subsequent pumps are suitable for control:

Controllable pumps

  • Pumps with an analog control signal input (mostly 1-10V-interface), such as those from Tunze®, Royal Exclusiv® or Abyzz®, are connected to a 1-10V interface port of the ProfiLux (for the connection to ProfiLux you need the corresponding accessory)
  • Pumps whose speed is adjustable via phase controlled modulation (with dimmable powerbar Powerbar2Dim)
  • EcoTech®-pumps of VorTech® (with our module VorTech-Controller) * See note below
  • Electronical external filter Professionel 3e® from Eheim® (with our module Eheim-Controller)
  • Some low-voltage pumps, e.g. Koralia® from Hydor® (with our module PumpControl1)
Vortech pump compatibility
Due to EcoTech’s decision to restrict 3rd party control, Vortech pumps running on Mobius firmware will not be controllable via the GHL Vortech controller. This change prevents Vortech firmware from being rolled back and 3rd party control is no longer supported on current model Vortech pumps.

The GHL Vortech controller can only control Vortech pumps running on pre-Mobius firmware.

Non controllable pumps

Non-controllable pumps can be switched via switchable sockets, see also System-> Socket outlet function. These can then of course only be switched on or off but not regulated.

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