Which pumps can be controlled by ProfiLux?

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ProfiLux can control (current) pumps in a variety of ways; subsequent pumps are suitable for control:

Controllable pumps

  • Pumps with an analog control signal input (mostly 1-10V-interface), such as those from Tunze®, Royal Exclusiv® or Abyzz®, are connected to a 1-10V interface port of the ProfiLux (for the connection to ProfiLux you need the corresponding accessory)
  • Pumps whose speed is adjustable via phase controlled modulation (with dimmable powerbar Powerbar2Dim)
  • EcoTech®-pumps of VorTech® (with our module VorTech-Controller)
  • Electronical external filter Professionel 3e® from Eheim® (with our module Eheim-Controller)
  • Some low-voltage pumps, e.g. Koralia® from Hydor® (with our module PumpControl1)

Non controllable pumps

Non-controllable pumps can be switched via switchable sockets, see also System-> Socket outlet function. These can then of course only be switched on or off but not regulated.

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