Tank Of The Month – TOTM June 2020

Daniel Majers’ 864-liter / 190-gallon saltwater tank, run by the GHL System

  • Tank owner: Daniel Majer
  • Location: Reinheim, Deutschland
  • Display volume: 864 liters / 190 gallons
  • Display size: 1.2m x 1.2m x 0.6m / approx: 47in x 47in x 23in

SPS Dominant Reef Tank

TOTM_06_20_Saltwater Tank

Hello, my name is Daniel Majer, I am 36 years old, and I live in Reinheim, Germany.

I started in the hobby when I was between 8 and 10 years old. From then on, I actually always had an aquarium with various species from guppy to discus-fish to the piranha.

About ten years ago, I started with seawater, with a cube 80x80x80 (300x300x300in), which was mainly stocked with soft corals and small anemones.

Over time, I had all sizes from 100 liters (30 gallons) to 700 liters (154 gallons), which gained me a lot of experience.


My dream aquarium with GHL

My current aquarium has always been my dream, that I could only realize when I finally had a house of my own.

This aquarium is my first tank that was built exactly according to my wishes.

The build of the base cabinet took me alone a good six months in which I also planned the tank.

I use the Triton method to run my aquarium. I’ve been doing this for over two years now and can recommend it to every beginner.

The GHL 2.1 Dosers are excellent devices for executing the dosing regimen. At the moment, I dose a total of 103 ml Triton per solution eight times a day. With the second Doser, I dose 3 ml iodine, 6 ml strontium, and 1.2 ml manganese.

I also plan to add zinc dosages soon due to a lecture that caught my interest at the “Fisch und Reptil” fair in Germany.

My ProfiLux 4 controls everything in the aquarium. From redox, pH to conductivity. The KH Director is next on my shopping list.

The water level is monitored and regulated via an optical sensor (optical level sensor). In addition, I have a mechanical sensor (level sensor floater) on my sensor bar, which gives an alarm when the water level is too high and switches off the skimmer via the ProfiLux.

TOTM_06_20_GHL Display
TOTM_06_20_GHL Display_N

The flow and the lighting are also controlled by the ProfiLux.

I divided the four Tunze pumps into two groups and let them pulse in opposite directions. During nighttime two of them are switched off.

A Royal Exclusiv Double Cone 250 is used as a skimmer. 2 fluidized bed filters from HSi Aquaristik are in operation for coal and PO4 absorbers.

My feed pump – a Kebap DCP 10000 – was once intended to be used as a bypass, but it has been running for 15 months now and does its job.

The illumination consists of T5 and a Philips Coral Care, which are operated with a illumination program from the ProfiLux.

Cooling is provided by a Propeller Breeze 3.

My osmosis system also runs via the ProfiLux, so there is no annoying refilling of the storage container. Since my osmosis system is located on a different floor, this was not easy to install, but it is working now perfectly.

I hold my tank very low in nutrients. My NO³ is 2 and PO⁴ is 0.015.

In addition to my sump, with a volume of 200 liters (44 gallons), I also operate an 80-liter (17,6-gallon) frag tank and a 90-liter (20-gallon) algae refugium, the lighting of both is also controlled by the ProfiLux. The algae tank is planted with Chaetomorpha Linum, Chaeto algae, and is illuminated anti-cyclical to stabilize the pH.

About 7000 liters per hour run directly through the refugium via the overflow from the main display, then into the skimmer chamber, and from there finally back into the aquarium again.

Algea-Refugium TOTM 06_20

My equipment

The GHL products are extremely helpful not only for the daily checks, but also for the security that you gain through them. I could not imagine ever having an aquarium without GHL equipment again, not least because of its ease of use.

I execute around 90% of the settings via the GHL Connect App, the rest is done via the GHL Control Center.


  • ProfiLux 4 plus Expansion cards
  • GHL Doser 2.1, Slave 2x
  • Temp-, pH-, Redox-, ORP-, Level, Leak- Sensors
  • Propeller Breeze 3, white
  • Controlboxes for Breeze 3 and Coral Care


  • Skimmer Royal Exclusiv
  • Tunze stream pumps
  • 2x Coral Care Phillips
  • T5  ATI
  • Jebao DCP 10000 return pump
  • 36 Watt UVC
  • 2 fluidized-bed filter from HSi Aquaristik


Livestock: Corals

  • div. Acropora
  • div. Montipora
  • Galaxea fascicularis


  • Trachiphilia
  • Goniporae
  • div. Euphilia
  • Entacmaea quadricolor
  • And more…

Livestock: Fish

There are 30 and more fish including:

  • 1 Ctenochaetus Marginatus
  • Zebrasoma xanthurum
  • Chelmon Rostratus
  • Scarus Quoyi
  • Ostracion Meleagris
  • Bothus Pantherinus
  • 1 grroup Synchiropus ocellatus
  • Amphiprion ocellaris
  • Pygoplites Diacanthus
  • Pholidichthys Leucotaenia
  • Opistognathus Aurifrons
  • Pterapogon Kauderni
  • 10 T Chromis Chromis Retrofasciata
  • and more


  • 20 Nasarius
  • Hermit crabs
  • Many sand sifting snails