How to setup return pump control

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About return pump control

Return pump control can be accomplished in a number of ways. How you go about setting return pump control via the ProfiLux, will depend on what exactly you’re looking to do with this piece of equipment.

This article will provide you with examples and how-to steps for your particular control needs. Simply choose the example that applies to you and follow those steps.

Most of the examples below will take you to how-to articles which can be used for return pump control. Even though these articles may not specifically mention “return pump”, the steps provided will still apply.

Run pump 24/7, no control

If you’re looking to just connect the return pump to a GHL Powerbar socket, do the following:

  1. Connect to your ProfiLux, press the Menu icon and select Switch channels
  2. Select the Powerbar socket where you have your pump connected
  3. Type-in a description
  4. Set the function to Always On
  5. Press SAVE

Control the flow rate of your pump

If you have a 1-10V compatible return pump, you can have the ProfiLux control the pump speed as well as have it react to a Feed Pause and Maintenance mode.

  1. Setup 1-10V pump control
NOTE: Pump does not need to be plugged into Powerbar socket

If you are controlling this pump via 1-10V, you do not have to connect the power plug into a Powerbar socket. Any normal wall socket will do.

Turn OFF during fish or coral feedings

If you want to turn OFF the return pump when you feed your coral or fish, it would be best to setup the pump with a Feed Pause.

  1. Create and assign a Feed Pause function
  2. Plug the pump into the assigned Powerbar outlet
Are you controlling your pump via 1-10V?

If your pump is controlled by the ProfiLux via a 1-10V channel, you can setup the Feed Pause behavior of this pump in the Stream Group page where you have this pump assigned. Select the pump from the Stream Group and specify how this pump should react during a FP.

Turn OFF when servicing aquarium or pump

When it’s time to service your aquarium or pump, you will want to turn OFF the pump for a certain amount of time. Instead of manually unplugging it from the Powerbar or using the manual override feature, it would be best to set the pump to react to a Maintenance mode. This feature can also be used to decrease the speed of a return pump which is being controlled via 1-10V.

  1. Create a Maintenance mode

Turn OFF return pump if sump water level gets too low

With a GHL float or optical sensor, you can have the ProfiLux power OFF certain equipment if the water level reaches below a certain point. This effectively prevents your pump from running dry and potentially burning out.

  1. Create and assign a Leakage Detection function
  2. Plug the return pumpinto the assigned Powerbar socket
Already have another function assigned to the Powerbar socket?

No worries! With the use of Programmable Logic, you can still assign this function to the desired socket. If you’d like to have the the return pump Powerbar socket react to more than one function, click the link below.

Programmable Logic Examples

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