GHL is exclusive European distributor for the popular T5HO Hybrid Lights made by the American company AquaticLife®.

In September 2017, AquaticLife® was first to market with an innovate product they call the T5HO Hybrid fixture. The fixture is comprised of two T5HO housings, which are connected with each other, that can accommodate many different brands of LED fixtures between the T5HO housings. Various mounting brackets allow the T5HO Hybrid fixture to work with popular LED lights including, Mitras®, Aqua Illumination®, EcoTech Radion®, Kessil® and more.

The T5HO hybrid luminaires are ideal for those who do not want to give up their proven and familiar tube lighting, but at the same time want to take advantage of the great possibilities offered by modern and powerful LED luminaires.

In addition to combining the advantages of LED and T5 lighting, the luminaires feature a sophisticated and universal design as well as high quality standards.


  • Available in 4 different lengths (24 W / 39 W / 54 W / 80 W) and in 2 colours (black / white).
  • With the included universal holding brackets, many common LED luminaires can be mounted, including Mitras® LX7, Mitras® LX6, Mitras® Lightbar 1 and 2, Ecotech® Radion, Aqua Illumination® Hydra 26 and 52.
  • Mounting brackets for round luminaires (e.g. Kessil®) are available as an accessory.
  • LED mounting brackets can be freely positioned so you can arrange your LEDs however you wish.


  • Each side of the luminaire has its own power cord, so each T5 pair can be turned on/off separately.
  • The European version of the T5HO hybrid luminaires include decorative end caps as standard which hide the wiring to the T5 luminaires and to the LED luminaires.
  • Powder coated seawater resistant aluminium housing.
  • Versions with 24 W, 39 W and 54 W with electronic wide-range ballasts (100 – 277 V / 50 – 60Hz), 80 W version with electronic ballast for 220 – 240 V / 50 – 60Hz.
  • Hanging kits included.
  • Efficient reflectors and IP67 tube sockets.
  • Views from above and below: the included decorative end caps are not shown
  • Straight holding brackets for mounting the LED lights are included. Holding brackets for round LED lights are not included, but available as an accessory.
  • Detail photos show the decorative end caps hiding the power cables
  • T5 tubes and LED lights not included

Models and scope of delivery

Model (black / white), length420596 / 420600, 61.0 cm / 24"420597 / 420601, 91.5 cm / 36"420598 / 420602, 122.0 cm / 48"420599 / 420603, 155.0 cm / 61"
T5HO fixture housing2 housings with 2 x 24 W each2 housings with 2 x 39 W each2 housings with 2 x 54 W each2 housings with 2 x 80 W each
End plate, 49.2 cm / 19.4"2222
Decorative end cap, 49.2 cm / 19.4"2222
Straight holding bracket for LED2468
Hanging kit2222

Available accessories:

  • Brackets for round LEDs
  • Additional straight holding brackets

Save when purchasing in a bundle with Mitras® LX7, LX6 and Lightbar *

You will receive a 5% discount on all Mitras products when you purchase them together with an AquaticLife® T5HO Hybrid Light.

This offer is valid for the GHL Store and all participating dealers.

*) This offer cannot be combined with other offers, promotions or special discounts, subject to quantity limits.

Distribution and Sales

GHL is the exclusive European distributor of AquaticLife® T5HO Hybrid Fixtures.

Products are available at all authorized retailers and in the GHL Store.

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