The Versatile Lightbar

GHL Aluminum Light Bars are manufactured in our own production facility under the strictest quality and safety requirements.

Made from high quality special and sea water resistant anodized aluminum extruded profile, (50 mm high and 52 mm wide) the GHL ALB provides ensures maximum stability with minimal weight and is available in various sizes for almost every aquarium.

The lightbars are available in:

  • Non-dimmable (lightbars for two tubes separately switchable at request)
  • Together or independently dimmable
  • With one or two tubes

GHL ALB can be mounted with various angle brackets for use in many different aquarium covers. We also offer a butt connector for bridging several ALB over large aquarium lengths.

Our T5light bars are equipped exclusively with the most modern QTi balasts for gentle operation to ensure long life. This allows you to also use HE-tubes of the same length and with less power besides the usual HO tubes.

Cable lengths: Control cable 2,4m, 1,8m, if necessary extendable with article VSL, power cable.

For an extra charge, you get the lightbar in any specific length or light assembly. The GHL team will be happy to assist you with this request.

Operation with or without ProfiLux

Dimmable light bars of GHL can be connected either directly to the ProfiLux Computer or to the GHL ManuDimm. Also separate operation without a controller is possible.

By operating via the ProfiLux Computer you can use the automatic lighting control and adjust your desired lighting curves comfortably via the GHL Control Center.

By operating with the ManuDimm you have to dim the lightbar manually.

The light bars are equipped with an internal power shutdown. An external shut-off is not required.

If you want to operate our dimmable light bars without ProfiLux or ManuDimm, you need an additional circuitry to switch the internal shut-off relays.

Alternatively, you can order the dimmable light bars also without shutdown.

All dimmable light bars are also available with DALI technology.

This BUS technology allows you to operate up to 60 light bars in 8 independent dimming channels via one single control cable.

For the operation of light bars with DALI technology you need a DALI interface.

The ProfiLux computer can be equipped by retrofitting an expansion card PLM-DALI with this interface.

GHL Aluleuchtbalken
  • High-quality anodized aluminum extruded profile
  • Maximum stability with minimal weight
  • Waterproof according to IP67
  • Flicker-free power on/off and continous tube dimming from 1% to 100%
  • Increased service life of the tubes and power savings, due to the gentle operation
  • Enormous variation wealth
  • Replacement of standard lighting of complete aquarium sets by using our aluminum profile ALP 3 possible in which the light bars are simply inserted. This thus replace the central part of the cover and stabilizes additionally.
  • Custom specifications are possible
  • Dimmable with ProfiLux or ManuDimm
  • Available for T5 tubes and T8 tubes
Bracket options

Lightbar option – BP (suitable for GHL Aluprofil3 as well as for coverings from Bioplast®, Aquael®, and others)


Lightbar option – MP (suitable for coverings from MP®)


Lightbar option – W (the standard measure of LB is increased by 30 mm overall)


Lightbar Butt Connector (to bridge larger aquarium lengths)

Available Standard Lengths

The standard lengths with or without angle bracket (length information over all) can be taken from the adjacent table.

Standard Lengths ALB

We happily manufacture special lengths for you.