Versia Pumps are Your first Choice – but we leave You Options

Discover the ultimate pump solution for Your ProfiLux-controlled aquarium with Versia Flow and Versia Stream from GHL. Experience seamless integration and full compatibility with the Versia Controller, unlocking the full potential of your ProfiLux aquarium computer and Versia pumps. Elevate your aquatic environment with a perfectly coordinated system designed for optimal performance.

For added versatility, we offer controllers and adapters for pumps from other manufacturers, ensuring a tailored fit for your unique setup.

Versia Flow Return Pump_rear_right
Adapters and Controllers

Pump control via 1-10V interface

Breakout Boxes & Adapters

S-Port & L-Port Breakout Box (S-L-Port-BoB) The S-L-Port BoB makes it easy and convenient to connect signal lines to third-party devices with the S-Ports or L-Ports of the ProfiLux or the Expansion Box. L-ports (1-10V interfaces) can be used to connect controllable pumps or dimmable electronic ballasts, an application example for S-ports would be the…