Making feeding so much easier: The GHL Automatic Fish Feeder.

The GHL Automatic Fish Feeder is the perfect addition for easy and efficient aquarium care.

Designed to work with ProfiLux 4(e) and ProfiLux Mini/Light WiFi controllers and seamless integration in the GHL system, this feeder offers convenience with both automated and manual feeding options. Effortlessly schedule automatic feedings or start manual feedings via the GHL Connect app, GHL Control Center software, or directly on the feeder or the ProfiLux panel.

Coordinate feeding cycles with other aquarium activities and tasks, such as reducing or shutting off pumps. With real-time monitoring and alerts for low food levels, you’ll never miss a feeding.

With ProfiLux 4(e), manage up to 4 feeders independently, providing versatile and precise feeding schedules for your aquarium.

Key Features of the GHL Automatic Fish Feeder

  • Flexible Container Use: Can be used with or without the included extra-large container.
  • Quiet operation: Virtually inaudible operation of the food drawer.
  • Dry Food Storage: Utilizes a “drawer” principle to keep food dry.
  • Versatile Installation: Includes a universal bracket for horizontal or vertical setup.
  • Customizable Feedings: Adjustable feeding amounts with different tray sizes and programmable cycles.
  • Convenient Manual Feeding: Features a manual feed button.
  • Status Monitoring: Multi-color light indicates readiness, low food levels, and feeding active.
  • Additional Safety: Equipped with an extra IR light barrier to detect low food levels.
  • Easy operation: No batteries or extra power supply required.

Universal mount: Vertical and horizontal mounting with a wide clamping range (max. 24mm = 15/16″)

Feeding tray inserts in 3 different sizes.

ProfiLux 4(e)ProfiLux Mini/Light WiFi
Max. feeder supported41
Food level calculationyesyes
Additional low food level detection with IR light barrieryes, via app and indicator on feederyes, via indicator on feeder only
Required accessoriesnoneProfiLux Mini/Light-Adapter