ProfiLux Mini (WiFi)


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Compact and Reliable: The aquarium controller Profilux Mini offers many familiar features found in the proven high-end ProfiLux 3 and 4 series, all at an attractive price.

ProfiLux Mini measures and controls temperature and pH-value and can control dimmable and non dimmable lighting, variable speed flow pumps, and much more. It can also be operated via USB with the PC-software GHL Control Center, which is available free of charge.

The new ProfiLux Mini WiFi variant also has integrated WiFi and can therefore also be operated via GHL Connect (app and web interface) and the myGHL cloud service. ProfiLux Mini WiFi can also be connected to level sensors (for auto top off and automatic water change) and a GHL automatic feeder* with the appropriate accessories.

The ProfiLux Mini automated lighting control function provides you with unique lighting features. When combined with our dimmable luminaires (LED and T5/T8)fascinating light scenarios can easily be made.

ProfiLux Mini gives you the option to adjust your illumination settings and fully automate your lighting fixture for day to day functions such as Sunrise/sunset, Cloud cover, Rainy days, Tropical dawn, Calendar-based moonlight simulation, Seasonal lighting, or Thunderstorm simulation.

Operation of the ProfiLux Mini is simple and intuitive. All settings are user friendly and guided by interactive dialog. No programming skills required here!

The ProfiLux Mini is easily accessible using the keypad and graphical display on the device.

We offer regular firmware updates to ensure that your ProfiLux remains future proof and is always up to date.

ProfiLux Mini is designed for wall mounting and is available in two elegant colors: Glossy White or Glossy Black

*) Adapter for connection of level sensors and automatic feeder currently still in preparation.

Read more about the comfortable operation of ProfiLux Aquarium controllers via app, web server, cloud or PC software here.


ProfiLux Mini White

Profilux Mini and ProfiLux Mini WiFi are each available with white or black high-gloss housing

ProfiLux Mini Black Rear

Profilux Mini is designed for wall mounting

Features of Profilux Mini

  • 4x 1-10 V Interfaces for connection of dimmable/non dimmable lights or variable stream pumps
  • Digital light control interface for Mitras Lightbar and compatible lamps
  • Connection for Powerbar STDL-4-4
  • BNC Connection for pH-Sensor
  • BNC Connection for Digital Temperature Sensor
  • Audible and visual alarm
  • Illuminated blue graphical display and keypad
  • USB Port

Additional features of ProfiLux Mini WiFi

  • Integrated WiFi
  • Connection option for level sensors and GHL automatic feeder

Did you know that you can not only regulate pH and temperature but also control variable speed stream pumps using the 1-10 V interface ports on your ProfiLux Mini?

Functions of Profilux Mini

  • Simple and intuitive menu-driven operation
  • Extensive lighting control:
    – 16 dimmable channels
    – Simulation of Moon phases, Thunderstorms, and Cloud cover
    – Acclimation program
    – Weekday-dependent programs
  • Measurement and control pH Value
  • Measurement and control of temperature
  • Control of variable speed stream pumps via 1-10 V outputs
  • Feeding Pause and maintenance program
  • Therapy Program for sick fishes
  • Adjustable reminders
  • Universal timers and dosing programs
  • Control of a tubular heater, substrate heater and CO2 solenoid
  • Child protection via PIN code
  • Settings are stored during power loss in nonvolatile memory (EEPROM)
  • Operation via convenient PC software (Free of charge)
  • No coding required
  • Virus proof and specially for aquatics developed operating system ProfiLuxOS by GHL

Additional functions of ProfiLux Mini WiFi

  • Operation via GHL Connect (app and web interface) and Cloudservice myGHL
  • Level control*
  • Automatic water change*
  • Control GHL automatic feeder*

*) Adapter for connection of level sensors and automatic feeder currently still in preparation, available from Q2/2021

Connections of Profilux Mini

ProfiLux Mini Connections

Connections of Profilux Mini WiFi


Features of the ProfiLux Mini (WiFi) at a glance

Dimensions W x D x H: 130 x 85 x 25 mm
Delivery inclusive Power Supply Unit, digital water temperature sensor (lab grade), USB Cable
Functions and FeaturesProfiLux MiniProfiLux Mini WiFi
Illumination channels1616
1-10 V interfaces44
Controllable, separately switchable Sockets 44
Dosing pump control
Stream Pump Control
USB interface
Graphical display
Controls GHL automatic feeder-
Inputs for level sensors-
Input for temperature sensor
Input for pH-value sensor
Operating System ProfiLuxOSProfiLuxOS
Measurement and controlProfiLux MiniProfiLux Mini WiFi
Automatic water change-