Major updates: GHL Control Center, App and ProfiLux Firmware

The next major update is here!

Firmware for ProfiLux 3 and 4 as well as the new GHL Control Center are now available for download.

The most important new features:

  • ProfiLux 4 now offers even more options to control flow and return pumps. The amount of features and the high flexibility make ProfiLux 4 one of the leading control systems for pumps:
    – Up to 16 pumps in 6 groups can be controlled independently from each other
    – Different settings at specific times or events (feed pause, water change, etc.)
    – Immediately usable presets
  • Support for our new Versia-Controller and new Versia Flow and Versia Stream pumps for ProfiLux 4
  • Display of ION Director readings on ProfiLux Touch as well as on display of ProfiLux 3 and 4
  • Sensor calibration on ProfiLux 4 via WiFi or USB using the app GHL Connect or GHL Control Center
  • GHL Control Center now also supports French and has been fully translated into French for that purpose

New pump features

In GHL Control Center and GHL Connect App


Sensor calibration via software

GHL Control Center in French