Tank Of The Month – TOTM November 2019

280 Gallon SPS Tank from Michael Shur, run by the GHL System

Tank Owner: Michael Shur
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Display volume: 280 gallons visible (plus 120 gallon sump)
SPS Dominant Mixed Reef

My name is Michael Shur and I’m from Brooklyn, NY.  I have been in this hobby for about nineteen years now.  During this time I have had both good and bad experiences as we all have.

In 2007 I decided to upgrade my 120 Gallon to a larger 180 Gallon Oceanic with new automated system.  At the time I was running a Zeovit system.  Not long after, I was looking into controllers and was leaning towards getting an Apex which was the most popular controller on the market at the time in the US.

My friend Alexander from Germany recommended that I look into the GHL ProfiLux. This was a totally new option for me.

Tank front TOTM_11_2019

After much research I decided to go with GHL

and purchased the ProfiLux 2.  I eventually upgraded to the ProfiLux 3 and in keeping up with technology, the ProfiLux 3 was eventually upgraded and now my current system consist of ProfiLux 4, GHL Power Bars, GHL Doser 1, GHL Doser 2.1, the KH Director and more.  I am also really looking forward to getting my hands on the new ION Director.

The main goal of my system is to keep SPS colorful and healthy.  My experience showed me that stable water parameters are crucial to the success of reef keeping.

Equipment is often underestimated

but it helps significantly to keep the water clean and stable.

This is why I choose the GHL ProfiLux which I consider to be the best controller on the market.

The ProfiLux 4 controls my entire system

from Aquadriver self-cleaning head on the Bubble King to the four MP40s creating flow in my main display.  The chiller is plugged into the 15 amp GHL expansion socket.  The ProfiLux 4 monitors the tanks PH, salinity, ORP, temp and alkalinity.  It will also notify me if there is a leak or any other problems. The two heaters are also controlled by the Profilux. Lastly, I enjoy my Profilux touch as it allows me to view all of my parameters and use the feed mode to control MP40s.

My Alkalinity remains perfectly stable

as a result of the GHL KH Director® performing four tests a day and the GHL Doser handling the alkalinity dosing.  The two heaters are also controlled by the ProfiLux. Lastly, I enjoy my ProfiLux Touch as it allows me to view all of my parameters and use the feed mode to control MP40s.

Thriving coral through Alkalinity Control via GHL KH Director

My dilemma is that I cannot figure out which I enjoy more the fish or the corals.  I got into this hobby because I enjoyed the diversity and coloration of the fish.  The way each type of fish interacts with one another is another reason why I enjoy this hobby.  Currently I have about thirty fish in my tank and would like to add more.

The majority of my corals are SPS and each has its own characteristic and it is fun to watch its shape and color change over time.  I enjoy the coral placement process which always results in me making more frags.  I try to locate a perfect spot for coral with good lighting and water flow but find it is often challenging.  While my SPS are growing, I’ve started adding LPS corals into the shaded areas since they aren’t as light sensitive.

In trying to keep with a more natural look I am a firm believer in having a sandbed although it is quite shallow ranging in depth ranging from 1-2 inches.  My personal preference is the look of a sandbed as opposed to bare bottom and although it is shallow, it serves purposes other than just aesthetics.  Several of the wrasses bury themselves in the sand at night, the sand sifting gobies feed on its nutrients, and most importantly it also creates another area for bio-diversity to form and grow.

While part of the biological filtration is performed by the live rocks, the Bubble King 300 with an Aquadriver Helix self-cleaning head plays a big role in keeping the water clean.  Another very important piece of my equipment is the algae scrubber which plays a big role in the nutrient reduction.  With my corals growing rapidly and my bio-load steadily increasing, it’s crucial to perform automatic daily water changes using a liter meter peristaltic pumps in conjunction with ESV salt.  They make it exceedingly easy to clean and mix.

Equipment List:

  • 1 GHL ProfiLux 4
  • 1 GHL Touch Display
  • 2 GHL Power Bar 6E
  • 1 KH Director
  • 1 GHL Doser 1
  • 1 GHL Doser 2.1
  • 1 GHL 15 Amp Socket Expansion
  • 1 GHL Vortech-Controller
  • 1 GHL Leakage Sensor
  • 1 Bubble King Deluxe 300 Protein Skimmer with Aquadriver Helix SCH
  • 2 Royal Exclusiv RD3 230 return pumps
  • 4 Ecotech Vortech MP40 Quiet Drives
  • 2 300w Heaters
  • 1 ½ HP Chiller
  • 5 Orphek Atlantik V4 LEDs
  • 1 AquaUV 80 Watt UV Sterilizer
  • 1 302 Aquatics Algae Scrubber
  • 1 6 Stage RODI System
  • 5 Orphek Atlantik V4 LEDs

Livestock: Fish, Invertebrates, Corals


  • Purple Tang
  • Blond Naso Tang
  • Hawaii Yellow Tang
  • Regal Tang
  • Red Sea Sailfin Tang
  • Powder Blue Tang
  • Convict Tang


  • POMA Aquaculture Blue Line
  • Goldflake
  • Joculator
  • Flame
  • Bellus (male)
  • Spotbreast (male)
  • Watanabei


  • Sixline Wrasse
  • Blue Star Leopard Wrasse
  • Ornate Leopard Wrasse
  • Lineatus Wrasse
  • Golden Rhomboidalis Wrasse

Other live stock fish:

  • Pyramid Butterfly
  • Magnificent Foxface
  • Mated pair of Flame hawkfish
  • Large Red Sea Clarkii Clown
  • Various snails, starfishes, and crabs

Corals SPS:

  • Oregon Tort Acropora
  • Cali Tort Acropora
  • Mother of Pearls Acropora
  • Hawkins Enchinata Acropora
  • Blue Octopus Tort Acropora
  • Tyree Blue Matrix Acropora
  • Tyree Pacman Acropora
  • Tyree Lime in the Sky Acropora
  • Tyree Joe’s Rainbow Acropora
  • Tyree Pink Lemonade Acropora
  • Tyree Tierra del Fuego Acropora
  • Vivid Rainbow Delight Acropora
  • Vivid Confetti Acropora
  • Reef Raft Pink Cadillac Acropora
  • Reef Raft Orange Passion Acropora
  • Reef Raft Rainbow Blossom Acropora
  • Reef Raft Vinh Acropora
  • PC Rainbow Acropora
  • Palmers Millepora
  • Purple Slimer Acropora
  • Cornbred Millicent Acropora
  • Bali Shortcake Acropora
  • Sanjay Leprechaun Beard Acropora
  • Red Robin Acropora
  • Paletta Pink Tip Acropora
  • GB Full Spectrum Acropora
  • GB Unicorn Acropora
  • Ultimate Watermelon Acropora
  • Jason Fox Flame Acropora
  • Jason Fox Blue Monster Acropora
  • GARF Bonsai Acropora
  • Reef Raft Shazam Acropora
  • Battlecoral Rainbow in Spain Acropora
  • Route 66 Merlin Acropora
  • Red Eye Branching Cyphastria
  • Bubblegum Digitata
  • ASD Millepora
  • Sunset Millepora
  • Tyree Rouge Millepora
  • Tubs Stellata Montipora
  • Orange Setosa
  • COOPs Azure Staghorn
  • Superman Staghorn

Corals LPS:

  • Red Goniopora (15 years old; my pride and joy)
  • ~10 various colored Scolymias